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A-critical thinking and in-evaluation

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Written by Χρήστος Γιανναράς, Kathimerini 14/06/20 English verbatim translation follows Ο κριτικός έλεγχος, οι αξιολογήσεις της ποιότητας, οι διαβαθμίσεις των ικανοτήτων και του μόχθου φιλοδοξούσαν κάποτε να έχουν εγκυρότητα. Δεν διεκδικούσε το αλάθητο η κριτική λειτουργία, αλλά και οι κοινωνίες δεν είχαν τόσο απροσχημάτιστα συμφιλιωθεί με την υποκατάσταση της κριτικής εγρήγορσης από το παιχνίδι των ….  Read More


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The referral on my desk had an unusual name on it. Everaldo C. S. ‘Where is this guy from?’ I wondered. Very quickly my attention was turned to the clinical details: serious valve incompetency problem, the heart muscle had all but given up, co-morbidities. Just before the festive season 2018. MDT meeting outcome: High risk ….  Read More


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An infectious disease specialist successfully led a country through a pandemic. His humble demeanor, soothing tone of voice, scientific acumen, unwavering humanism, patience and common sense inspired a nation known for their rebelliousness to unreservedly comply. History has repeatedly recorded that there is only one thing that Hellenes are constantly ready to pay for with ….  Read More